On Common Core, upcoming elections

To the Editor:

All across this nation, an ever-increasing number of citizens, particularly parents and, increasingly, teachers, are fighting back against Common Core. The more people learn, the more they oppose it. It is a nationalized, mandated, one size fits all education system being foisted on schools everywhere.

Unfortunately, one of our Democratic state “representatives” is actually advocating for Common Core and is fighting to approve and push this intrusive, bogus system on our children, even against strong public opposition. Chris Adams and Jack Flanagan are well informed about the pros and cons of Common Core and Smarter Balanced testing and have concerns about some deep flaws with both.

Parents, don’t ignore this issue. This is your child’s time – their chance to receive the best possible education with standards that are the best we can offer, not some nationally decided “equalizing” standards, often age inappropriate or underwhelming, where the testing is the primary focus of their academic experience and their privacy is at great risk of being compromised. Wake up – they don’t get a second chance at their basic primary education.

On another topic, a disturbing fact has come to our attention regarding the approval of the contract for the expansion of Medicaid. Our legislators voted to approve the Medicaid expansion as part of Obamacare, adding 50,000 new recipients to the Medicaid rolls, costing New Hampshire taxpayers $34 million in the first year.

Regardless of whether people approve or disapprove of this decision, we learned from Dave Wheeler, candidate for Executive Council, that the 160-page contract for this expansion was approved by the present Executive Council with just 15 minutes to review – in other words, as was the case with the behemoth health care bill, they approved the expensive, complicated document and they didn’t read the bill. And this was promptly rubber stamped by our governor, Maggie Hassan, with no problem.

In addition, the public had absolutely no opportunity to review the document, which is standard practice. Is this what we call representative governing? Dave Wheeler is outraged by this practice and vows to put an end to it if his constituents elect him.

Don’t underestimate how important this election is. Elect Republicans Chris Adams, Jack Flanagan, Kevin Avard, Dave Wheeler and a strong governor to represent us all, Walt Havenstein.

Nancy Dulac