Voter supports Flanagan, Adams

To the Editor:

I strongly support Jack Flanagan and Chris Adams for Brookline-Mason state representatives.

This team will support governor Walt Havenstein’s detailed plan to bring 25,000 new jobs into New Hampshire by Aug. 15, 2017. The goal is to start a technology boom right here, boost incomes and grow our economy.

The current New Hampshire growth rate is just nine-tenths of 1 percent, whereas neighboring states are running at 4 percent. New Hampshire has failed to create enough full-time jobs despite a talented workforce within our borders.

Democrats have controlled the governorship for 12 consecutive years, and beyond more strip malls and fast-food joints, there is nothing to write home about. A new governor with an accomplished business background will bring fresh approaches.

Adams and Flanagan recognize high energy prices depress economic growth and reduce living standards. They understand lowering electric rates requires changes to our current cap and trade tax polices on fuels (RGGI) that only raise prices for businesses and working families.

Responsiveness is another reason to support Adams and Flanagan. Reflecting rather than rejecting the deeply held concerns of residents is a key responsibility of any state representative. A prime example is the serious problems associated with Common Core. At one of the largest turnouts ever at the SAU 41 annual meeting last March, voters delivered a mandate opposing this program. Jack and Chris share the concerns of a growing number of residents and support high standards developed through local educators, parents and elected officials – the kind of approach that was the hallmark of our school district from the very beginning.

Adams and Flanagan will ensure Brookline-Mason taxpayers get full dollar value for each dollar spent in Concord. They will oppose taxpayer rip-offs through reckless proposals like in-state tuition for illegal aliens, unfunded mandates on local communities and entangling federal programs that prevent towns from making their own planning decisions through elected representation. They support clean election laws protecting the civil rights of honest voters from being nullified by growing numbers of nonresidents casting votes in our elections and leaving the next morning. Adams and Flanagan oppose an income and sales tax in New Hampshire.

I know these candidates to be principled leaders who support New Hampshire’s great tradition of personal liberty, local control and efficient government. Please support Jack Flanagan and Chris Adams with your vote for state representative from Brookline-Mason on Nov. 4.

Peter Walker