Candidate believes in spending within means

To the Editor:

Republican candidates up and down the New Hampshire ballot are using the tried and true “tax and spend” label to brazenly accuse Democrats of being reckless with our tax dollars.

However, the last time Republicans held the House majority in Concord, they sent proven New Hampshire programs and services into a tailspin, taxing our hospital system to the brink of collapse and cutting in half support for New Hampshire’s colleges (New Hampshire ranked dead last in state support for higher education before the cut).

These decisions prompted costly lawsuits against the state and are indicative of a kind of short-term thinking that cannot be sustained or help New Hampshire businesses grow – so why aren’t Republican policies being labeled reckless?

The current governor had to spend precious time negotiating us out of the lawsuits and reimbursing base-level spending to restore everything from higher education to mental health. She did that while garnering unanimous support in the Republican-held Senate for her balanced budget.

I’m running for state rep in Hollis as a Democrat. I believe in balanced budgets and spending within our means. I oppose cutting a tax base that is low by design, and then blaming government for not working. Closing the doors does not equal a business strategy. I believe in keeping the government out of our personal lives, and support policy decisions based upon what works for society as a whole, rather than relying on party rhetoric or special interests to define my vote on increasingly complex issues.

Kat McGhee
State Rep Candidate,
District 27