What have incumbents delivered?

To the Editor:

Like myself, many are inundated with political ad campaigns. The ones that really catch my attention are the negative ads, specifically from incumbents. If incumbents really want to serve another term, it should be based on their accomplishments. My read on these ads is simply that a continued negative ad campaigns means that the incumbent did not accomplish anything of significance during their present term and therefore is not worthy of my vote.

For example, I keep getting fliers from the Democratic Party about Walt Havenstein denying birth control to women. Really? Is that true? This is a big issue for Granite Staters? What about New Hampshire falling behind the rest of the country when it comes to creating jobs? What about taxes that keep getting increased while our salaries remain stagnant? These are the things that affect most of us, so lay off the fear mongering and let’s focus on actual results.

At this point, we need to look beyond party and focus on the individual and see what they plan on doing that the incumbent failed to deliver. What exactly have the incumbents delivered? This is the really question.

Shelly Desai