Thank you for donations to Hollis VFW

To the Editor:

In September 2014, our Hollis VFW Post wrote a letter to the editor explaining that our Post Relief Fund had been depleted and we were seeking some donations to fill a growing need we experience with helping veterans.

Our post is rather small, and our members are not young. We recently had used our available funds in helping several needy veterans. We expected from nothing to a modest return to our request.

As the post commander, I want to acknowledge all those readers who responded and thank them more than words can express. The response was outstanding and more than we ever imagined.

We want to assure all the donors that 100 percent of their generous donations are dedicated to help needy veterans who seek our assistance and none of that money will be spent for any post expenses. We have no post home, no canteen and minimal other expenses other than insurance costs. So, your dollars are going to aid veterans in whatever method our post members decide.

In that letter, I said our post was like a food pantry with empty shelves. Our shelves are now in very good shape, and we have you readers to thank for that.

If you meant to donate and forgot, our address has not changed: Hollis VFW Post 11373, P.O. Box 1012, Hollis NH 03049.

Jim Belanger
Commander, Hollis VFW