Time has come for Hollis, Brookline to adopt SB2

To the Editor:

I believe that SB2, also referred to as “The Official Ballot Act,” is a concept whose time has come.

Voters in Hollis and Brookline will have the opportunity to vote at the polls on (March) 10 to change the way we vote on HB Coop issues. The budget, bond issues and warrant articles would all be presented, discussed, debated and amended at a deliberative session, just as is done at our District meeting with the public’s full participation. Whatever is decided there is what will be on the ballot to be voted on at the polls at a designated future date. This allows all voters from Hollis and Brookline to vote on these important issues.

Even when we have higher than usual attendance at the District meetings, there are many people who either cannot go due to circumstances (not in town, elderly, young children at home, work early following day, etc.), or because these meetings tend to last very late into the evening and often extend into extra days, so many just don’t go. Therefore we have a relatively small segment of the population of both towns making really big, often very costly decisions that affect all of us.

The deliberative sessions would be open for all to either participate in or at least watch on the local cable network so people would be informed before the actual ballot voting takes place. I believe the deliberative sessions will be productive and reasonable because what is decided there will be presented to all residents to approve or not. If the operating budget is not approved at the ballot a default budget (basically last year’s budget) is adopted.

This is an opportunity for ALL registered voters from both Hollis and Brookline to have a vote regarding really important issues that represent the largest portion of our property taxes. It does not favor one town or any group over the other. It allows all residents to have a vote.

Nancy Dulac, Brookline