Support of skating in Brookline appreciated

To the Editor:

As spring finally starts to make its presence felt, I would like to thank the many people who contributed to another successful season of skating at Brookline’s community rink.

The effort started with Jerry Farwell and his crew moving the liners and warming shed into place, continued with Brian Wilson wiring the electricity for the lights and heat, and came to full fruition with members of the Brookline Fire Department delivering about 25,000 gallons of much needed water one cool December evening. Mother Nature then took care of the rest.

Some additional lighting was added this year, and we thank Joe Kifer for both the idea and for making it happen so quickly. Thanks also to Nate Powers for keeping a watchful eye on the rink in my absence during school vacation week and “Beezer” for always being willing to help resurface the ice.

It would not be possible without the valuable assistance of each of these people, along with the financial donations of many others. Thanks to everyone for all the help, including the many residents who picked up a shovel while they were there to simply do their part. It is all greatly appreciated. Bring on spring!

Tad Putney