Thanks to Scouts for helping with Brookline elm project

To the Editor:

Brookline resident Helen Fenske initiated Brookline’s Elm Street Project about 10 years ago in an effort to return the stately elms to the streets of Brookline.

As part of that effort, the local Scouts have helped to raise two generations of tiny elm saplings into 5-foot trees. This second group of trees are now available for purchase as a way to continue to fund the Elm Tree Project. To date, over three dozen elms have been planted along the main streets of Brookline. Some now exceed 30 feet in height.

The trees are available for $40 (including delivery within the area), and now is a perfect time of year to plant them. The trees were originally cultivated in Keene, and are resistant to Dutch elm disease. If you are interested in a tree (or two), please contact Tad Putney at 673-8855, ext. 213, or

We thank the Scouts for their ongoing dedication to this long-standing project!

Tad Putney, Brookline