Hollis Democrats hold mock caucus

To the Editor:

The Democratic Caucus of Hollis met on Jan. 26 at the Lawrence Barn. The topics of the evening were the New Hampshire and Iowa caucuses.

The N.H. Caucuses were held on Jan. 30. Hollis sent three members as delegate nominees for the Democratic National Convention. Each Hollis nominee was attending a 2nd Congressional District Caucus for her preferred candidate in the Democratic presidential primary.

On Jan. 30, four men and four women were chosen by the attendees at the individual caucus – one caucus for Hillary Clinton, one caucus for Bernie Sanders and one caucus for Martin O’Malley.

The 1st Congressional District Caucuses also elected four men and four women for each of the primary candidates. After the Feb. 9 primary, the selection of four men and women from each congressional district will become delegates to the National Convention apportioned according to the outcome of the primary. The candidate must receive 15 percent of the total vote to win any delegates.

The Hollis Democrats want to congratulate Peggy Gilmour (Hollis) and Melanie Levesque (Brookline), who were elected as delegates for Hillary Clinton, and Ann diCicco, who was elected as a delegate for Bernie Sanders.

After hearing from the representatives of the three candidates, the Hollis Democrats held a mock Iowa Caucus following the guidelines of the Iowa Democratic Caucus. Representatives of each candidate spoke for 10 minutes. The attendees then divided into candidate groups. The number in the groups were recorded and apportioned to the candidates.

The record showed that Hillary Clinton received 53 percent, Bernie Sanders 32 percent and Martin O’Malley 16 percent. As all candidates received more than 15 percent, the three candidates remained in the second vote. This vote took place after 30 minutes of electioneering. Only Martin O’Malley lost votes and fell below 15 percent.

The procedure was fun and informative for all the attendees. The consensus of the group was that everyone has to get out and vote on Feb. 9.

Katherine Drisko, Co-chairwoman, Hollis Democrats