Support Republican ticket in election

To the Editor :

Presidential candidate Donald Trump is the only nominee in 20 years who understands that first, the United States has a severe unemployment crisis; second, our trade and regulatory policies are driving it; and third, we are a nation that exports employment and imports poverty.

Today, fewer total people work in the U.S. than in 2008! U.S. consumers now create employment for foreigners – not Americans. A nation that cannot generate adequate employment for its own population is no superpower. Trump’s program renegotiates disastrous trade deals like NAFTA that killed millions of high-wage jobs. Trump will veto TPP that destroys U.S. agricultural employment. He understands 350,000 entering the U.S. illegally annually plus 90,000 overstaying their visa is unsustainable and dangerous. Trump will protect our borders and put upward pressure on American wages.

Chris Sununu, unlike his Democrat opponent, will stimulate economic growth within New Hampshire – not keep sending more workers south to Massachusetts. Sununu will slash the New Hampshire business enterprise tax – the primary reason we’ve lost our competitive edge in creating jobs. Sununu’s opponent supports a billion-dollar rail plan paid by regional property tax assessments (on top of the property taxes you already pay). Exporting more workers south on trains does not resolve the root cause of inadequate employment within New Hampshire. We’ve had Democrat governors 18 of the last 20 years. Enough!

Executive Councilor Wheeler is a proven taxpayer advocate ensuring we receive full dollar value for every dollar raised in taxes in the awarding of state contracts. Wheeler will only confirm judges who obey the state constitution.

For state Senate, the clear choice is Sen. Kevin Avard. He played a vital role in defeating the pipeline in our district and also wrote new legislation strengthening due process and property rights in eminent domain situations.

Two residents will represent Brookline/Mason District 26. John Carr, of Brookline, has served the town with distinction on the selectboard. John Lewicke is a trusted member of the Mason community and served in elected positions in the Mason/Mascenic school districts and represented the Mason Pipeline Committee in Concord. Carr and Lewicke will defend local control and oppose income taxes, sales taxes and intrusive federal programs like Common Core that take parents and teachers out the driver’s seat of our children’s education. Vote Carr and Lewicke to make New Hampshire prosperous while protecting our "Live Free or Die" heritage.

On Nov. 8, vote the Republican ticket!

Peter W. Walker