Citizen works to keep Hollis’ Blood Road clean of litter

Each day Blood Road in Hollis has a wide range of walkers: some with dogs, others with strollers, still others with a phone in their hand. One daily walker is different. Her name is Nancy and she carries a plastic bag from the east to the west end of Blood Road. By the time this daily ritual is complete, the bag is filled with all manner of cans, paper, glass and plastic discarded by the frequent motorists. I dare to think how littered Blood Road would be if Nancy weren’t so diligent in her effort to keep the ditches clean. Kudos to this walker who not only gets a few miles of “tread time” each day, but collects a few pounds of trash in the process. Nancy is a daily reminder of good stewardship to keep Hollis beautiful. We appreciate her attention to the “debris duty” that keeps Blood Road an attractive and scenic road in Hollis.

Karla Vogel & Marty Cannata