Turncoat Gargasz has got to go

[SB Law 66]

Turncoat Gargasz has got to go

To The Editor:

State Representative Carolyn Gargasz is serving her ninth term in the New Hampshire House of Representatives as a Republican. Recent action by Gargasz opposing the Fetal Homicide Law , that protects pregnant women and their unborn children has left many bewildered.

In fact, when you examine Carolyn’s voting history on this subject it is more like a betrayal. In 2014, Gargasz voted to support a Fetal Homicide law, however, she did not bother to vote for one in 2015. It is important to note she also holds one of the worst attendance records in the legislature.

Last week, Gargasz voted with Democrats in opposition. SB 66 allows penalties to be brought upon a third party whose actions result in a still birth or miscarriage of a child a Mother has chosen to bring to term after her 20th week of pregnancy. The law does not apply to abortion or any action performed with a pregnant women’s consent. SB 66 provides justice proportionate to the damages suffered. 38 states identify a fetus as a homicide victim. Being “pro-choice” for women means you also defend women who choose to bring life into this world. According to NARAL, “Every woman should be able to decide for herself if, when and with whom to start or grow a family.”

I hope Carolyn rethinks her vote and the people of Hollis rethink if reelecting her is in their best interests. Hollow convictions and flip flopping with political winds is no longer acceptable conduct for increasing numbers of voters.

Janet B. Hicks