Merrimack should sue the state to abolish turnpike tolls

Merrimack should sue the state to nix Everett Turnpike tolls

To the Editor:

This past Thursday, Nov. 7, the Town Council had a chance to end the madness that has become the Merrimack Tolls.

For years, we have been burdened by our state’s Highway Department in a never-ending funding scheme involving the state Legislature and their power to raid the turnpike revenue and spread it though out other parts of New Hampshire.

Two weeks ago, the Highway Committee voted 15-0 to kill a bill that would have taken out the toll at Exit 12. We on the Town Council think enough is enough.

On Thursday night, I will have brought forward a motion that will call for the filing of a lawsuit against the state of New Hampshire in regards to the blatant unfairness of the Merrimack tolls. To quote a fellow councilor, “We’re done whining!”

As most of you know, our Founding Fathers in their genius of creating our Constitution also created the concept of three branches of government: the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary. When legislative abuse is thrust upon its people, the courts have been there to remedy that abuse. I believe it is time for us to act in that tradition.

In bringing a lawsuit against our state, we will have a person in a black robe decide Merrimack’s fate. We have the right to fight this injustice and have our grievances heard and addressed. Make no mistake, in the end, whether it be two or three years, Merrimack versus the State of New Hampshire will have a definitive outcome. I believe once the evidence is shown, those tolls will be gone.

I ask all Merrimack residents for their support and let’s stop whining and start fighting … in court!


Merrimack town councilor