Representative Brenda Grady does not represent me

Reader: Representative Brenda
Grady does not represent me

To the Editor:

HB 474, a bill that would give in-state college tuition rates to illegal aliens attending New Hampshire universities passed the state House last week.

I was furious to learn that one of our own, Merrimack Representative Brenda Grady, supported this bill! Who exactly was she representing when she voted to give our tax dollars away?

In-state tuition is not a “discount coupon” that legislators can hand to their pet causes. Rather, it is a recognition that New Hampshire residents have supported the New Hampshire University system with years of their hard-earned tax dollars and should be afforded some break if their children attend a college in the system.

Representative Grady does not represent me. I hope you’ll join me in voting her out in the November election. We need eight members that will stand up for Merrimack.

Right now, we only have seven.