Vote Cinda Merrimack School Board

To the Editor:

It is my great pleasure to write in support of Cinda Guagliumi’s bid for election to the Merrimack School Board. Cinda is the mother of two very active boys enrolled in the District. These last three years, she has proven herself to be a valuable member of the Merrimack School District Budget Committee, this past year having served as Chair. She comes to every meeting prepared and is diligent when performing the work required of her.

While always respectful, Cinda is not afraid to ask difficult questions. She will make decisions and vote on issues while striking the necessary balance between fiscal responsibility and quality education. What is most impressive is how receptive Cinda is to listening to those who may have an opinion different than her own. She is open to input from all stakeholders on any given issue and is always in search of pertinent factual information prior to casting her vote.

The Town of Merrimack is fortunate to have someone like Cinda who is willing to put so much time and energy in to supporting our School District. For more information please visit her website at Please join me in voting for Cinda Guagliumi on Tuesday, April 8th.