Grady deserves re-election for Merrimack

To the Editor:

The Sunday Telegraph featured some welcome news: Our state is the first in the nation, rated highest in overall well-being.

Some New Hampshire people must be puzzled, since many politicians who are running for office claim that New Hampshire has seriously fallen behind, and they will lead the state back to its former glory.

It makes us nervous when something is running well and someone wants to fix it: The parts might spread all over the floor and never get picked up and put together again.

There are some real leaders who share responsibility for New Hampshire’s pre-eminence.

It might be unpopular to ask some of the state legislators to stand up and take a bow, but the results are self evident.

Our favorite incumbent, Brenda Grady, is one of the hard workers who volunteer their time productively and actually enjoy doing it. She brings with her the experience of not only the state Legislature, but the Merrimack Budget Committee, the Merrimack School Board, the Conservation Commission and being a high school science teacher for 25 years.

She’s been part of the push to excellence. We would like to see more of the same: national recognition for our health, education, jobs, safety and care of the environment, all which add up to an excellent quality of life.

Please don’t vote to change a winning combination; Brenda Grady deserves your vote for one of our eight state representatives of Merrimack.

Peter and Jackie Flood