Havenstein is a catalyst for growth

To the Editor:

I watched the Oct. 22 NH1 debate between Gov. Maggie Hassan and Walt Havenstein. The contrast is stark.

I know Walt well. During the debate, Maggie’s sarcastic smirk was a negative sign for me. Perhaps that’s why people who work with her have commented on her “toxic” partisan leadership style. Walt is the opposite. He showed me how to treat people with courtesy, dignity and respect. He showed me how to listen with the intent to be influenced. Walt listens and works extremely well with others to achieve results, not rhetoric (a rare skill in politics).

Walt is a “purpose driven” leader. Walt is a masterful leader who aligns and motivates people with purpose. He always shares the “why” and empowers others on the “how.” He sets high standards backed by an unwavering ethics philosophy, so it is easy to follow Walt and make the right decisions.

The definition of a true leader is someone who has passionate followers. New Hampshire residents, regardless of their party, will rally and follow Walt. Walt always runs to the fight and deals with the hard issues. Perhaps it was Walt’s Marine Corps leadership training at a young age. If the task was hard, he went first. If there was a benefit, like waiting in a food line, he went last so his team would have the best choices.

Walt is family-first and values driven. Walt is grounded with values. He has a tremendous talent to simplify complex issues and drive bold action. He would hold up his hand with the fingers apart, then make a fist to show the power of punching our weight if we all worked together. His ideas stick, and he rallies people to work together and succeed on stretch goals.

I am embarrassed by our 0.9 percent New Hampshire growth rate and that we are behind Vermont and Rhode Island (come on, really!). Walt is a catalyst for growth and a leader who will turbocharge the New Hampshire economy. Walt inspires me, and I can guarantee that if both Republicans and Democrats knew Walt like I do, it would be a landslide victory. Get out and vote for the growth equation: Walt equals Leadership.

Jay Herther