Notter goes to the ‘well’ for voters

To the Editor:

Rep. Jeanine Notter is an outstanding advocate for our community and state, always willing to stand up for what is right.

She sponsored HB 574 in 2012. It was signed into law August 2012. This bill prohibits the state from taking personal property owned or used by individuals or families during a declared state of emergency. The bill also limits the provisions taken by the state in an emergency to those in excess of the reasonable needs of the owner and the owner’s household during the expected duration of the emergency.

Rep. Notter has always been willing to be a voice for those who have none, such as Officer Briggs and Kim Cates. She has fought hard to honor our fallen heroes, and for parental rights.

She is often at the “well.” The “well” at the Statehouse is the podium on the floor that state representatives speak from for or against a bill, and their speech is entered into the record books. Out of the 400 state representatives elected, most never go to the well, but sit quietly by. The next time you see your representative, ask how many times they have been at the “well,” willing to be on record about how they vote.

I’m proud of Rep. Jeanine Notter’s courage to fight for what is right. I support Rep. Jeanine Notter for re-election and ask that you, too, cast your vote for her on Nov. 4, Election Day.

Juanita Dangel