Save New Hampshire $2 billion

To the Editor:

While U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen is running away from past support for President Obama, Democrats running for the New Hampshire House from Merrimack might find that more difficult.

Half of the candidates running for the eight seats were team leaders or coordinators for Obama for America (OFA) in Merrimack. John Hanson, Brenda Gardy, Jack Rothman and Kim Kojack went out of their way to sell the unpopular deficit-busting Obama agenda.

Gov. Hassan and her bureaucrats are proposing a $2 billion increase in the next New Hampshire state budget. Democrats would love to emulate Obama’s unpopular budget-busting tactics here in the Granite State, and former OFA team leaders can probably be counted on to support the national agenda here in New Hampshire. That would mean a huge increase in taxes and a lot less money in our paychecks, so bureaucrats could wield more power over our day-to-day lives.

Don’t vote for Obama Democrats, save New Hampshire $2 billion. It’s that simple.

Steve MacDonald