Merrimack to build tribute to service members

To the Editor:

The Merrimack Town Council is pleased to announce that it has an exciting project coming to Merrimack.

The Town Council is partnering with the Fraser Square Veterans Memorial Committee (Paul Micali, Rick Hatfield, Brian Snell, Tom Mahon and Brian McCarthy) to build a tribute to honor those veterans and their families who sacrificed so much to ensure the freedoms we enjoy.

The project will consist of a fallen soldier memorial surrounded by an array of black granite pedestals to honor each branch of the military to include the Merchant Marines and POW/MIA. The memorial will be located at Fraser Square.

If you would like more information on this project or want to donate to help make this a reality, you can visit the project’s website,, drop by the town of Merrimack’s Finance Department or call 424-7075.

Nancy Harrington
Town Council Chairwoman