Say ‘no’ to pipeline in Merrimack

To the Editor:

After a number of years of trying to defeat the outlets, it passed. I have not seen an increase in the value of our homes, nor have our property taxes gone down or stayed the same as the previous year for us. The pipeline being put in the town of Merrimack needs to stop. This pipeline is a transportation site, not a distribution. It is not going to lower our energy bills, it is not going to add value to our homes. It is going to turn the area into an incineration zone.

Please educate yourselves on what is really on the table in this and consider becoming a part of the petition to stop it. It would be appreciated if all residents took this issue into account despite what end of town you may live in. There is nothing wrong with sticking together and helping one another when needed. It would not go unnoticed.

The website to go to for information is nhpipeline for those of you who may not have been aware.

Beth Burns, Merrimack