Merrimack students insulted Alvirne ROTC Color Guard

To the Editor:

I would like to express my dismay to the few rude Merrimack students who attended the boys basketball game at Alvirne on March 11.

These students were hurling insults at the Alvirne ROTC Color Guard. The Merrimack students should apologize directly to the Alvirne ROTC students. The students who put on that uniform take pride in wearing the uniform and representing the flags they carry.

My child is one of them. My child will enter the Air Force. My child will honor the oath taken to protect and serve this great nation. My child will protect those rude Merrimack students, as well.

I hope that all of the Merrimack parents who didn’t attend the game with their child will ask them if they were one of the rude students. I wonder if the Merrimack principal will discuss this with all of his or her students.

Christine Michaud