Vaillancourt has served Merrimack in many roles

To the Editor:

Jody Vaillancourt has lived in Merrimack for the past 22 years. During that time she has worked diligently to serve Merrimack in many roles.

She has volunteered her time throughout our town, served on as well as chaired the Merrimack School Board, and advocated for many causes in the public interest.

Jody gives 100 percent to everything she does. She is energetic, enthusiastic and possesses both drive and leadership.

For the above reasons, I heartily endorse Jody’s candidacy for Town Council in this year’s election. I know that if she is elected, she will do everything she can to provide excellent representation to the residents of Merrimack. Please be sure to get out to vote and join me in supporting Jody Vaillancourt for Town Council on April 14.

Carol Lang