Cashin a man for all seasons

Colin Cashin has heard the question a number of times, and his answer has always remained the same.

Whenever the Bedford High School junior is asked, of the three sports he plays, which is his favorite, all he does is look at outside.

“I’ve been asked that so many times, but I don’t make a decision,” Cashin said. “There’s a season and a time for each sport and I enjoy everyone to the fullest.”

When its fall, that means its time for football. If its snowing, then its a safe bet Cashin is on the slopes. And when the air starts to get warmer, that means its time for lacrosse.

Cashin plays on the varsity for all three sports, and despite all the success Bedford has had in its short history, he’s in a rare class – he’s been part of multiple championships for more than one sport.

A year ago, he was a key contributor as the Bulldogs put together their second consecutive undefeated lacrosse season and won their second Division II title. And on during the last two winters, he’s helped the Bedford boys Alpine team take home the Division I crown.

Bedford lacrosse coach Matt Guerard is happy to have a well-rounded athlete playing for him.

“It’s really important for success, to have those kids being able to go from one sport to another,” he said. “I’m a big advocate for two- or three-sport athletes, having a lot of skills and a lot of diversity. Just bringing a different aspect of other sports into lacrosse, and it doesn’t matter what sport it is. I think it has a unique skill set that you can cross over and excel in other sports.”

Cashin will admit that skiing is the one that comes to him most naturally. He’s been doing it since the age of 3, but only started competitively racing when he was a freshman.

“I’d say my most natural talent is skiing,” he said. “The guys I’m racing against have been racing since the time I started. As far as ability, I can keep up, it’s just experience that I lack. But I’d like to play lacrosse in college.”

That’s one reason why Cashin is excited for the start of the spring. Bedford is scheduled to open the season on April 16 against Merrimack.

“I’m beyond excited,” he said. “I love seeing the state championship banners and I want to see how many we can get. Some teams go through the motions, but the teams I’ve been a part of that have won it, we put in hard work every day. That’s really what it takes and the payoff has been there.”

Cashin shares time on the lacrosse field in the faceoff circle with Grant Mello. A year ago, Cashin was successful on 72 percent of his faceoffs and recorded 26 groundballs.

“For two faceoff guys, his statistics are incredible,” Guerard said. “He also ran some defensive midfield for us, which he’ll do again. He’s versatile on the field. If he wins a faceoff, he can go down and play offense a little bit. If he loses a faceoff, he can play defense. He’s a huge asset for us.”

And he will be for a while. With Mello a senior, Cashin expects to take over full-time faceoff duties next year, when Bedford is planning to move up to Division I.

But first, the Bulldogs have a title to defend in D-II.

“The target is really on our back, but I think we welcome that,” Cashin said. “It’s just a challenge we’re going to have to rise to. We want to extend our streak, but the most important thing is the championship.”