Bedford Sports


Junior Pee Wee Silver

The Bedford JPW Silver Bulldogs got up on the Merrimack Cardinals 6-0 but it was not to last, ultimately falling to Merrimack 27-6.

Owen Umansky hit Joe Mikol for a great TD to close out the first quarter to put Bedford ahead. Cam Cilley, Ryan Allard and William Scholl paved the way for the offense.

Zach Dion, Presley Trento and Graham Frederick made a lot of big plays on defense to keep the Bulldogs close in the first half. TJ O’ Connell picked up a fumble off a big Ryan Wallat and Ryan Cote hit to get the Bulldogs the ball and down only one score in the third. Ultimately turnovers killed the Bulldogs but not before Ben Stuart excelled at center and Jack Cloutier and Phil Tuscano played great on both sides of the ball.

Josh Tobin did a fantastic job running the ball as the team missed leading rusher Willy Kramer who had a wonderful season. Aiden Landman, Finn O’ Neil and Evan Schmitt all played strong in the state championship game. Silver finishes 7-2 and with a great second-place finish in the state.

Junior Pee Wee Cheer

The Jr. Pee Wee cheer team traveled this week to Springfield, Mass., to compete in the Pop Warner Regional Cheer and Dance Competition at the Mass Mutual Arena.

The teams energy had been building after it swept states, so entering the arena all eyes were on them. The girls formed their red and black lines in the tunnel and stomped out in their red sequin converse to face a full crowd and two panels of judges. Silence fell over the crowd as the music of Michel Jackson’s Working Day Night began. Skylar Tobin began working the floor. No sooner did she start, her team, Izzy McGinty, Lauren Christopher, Elizabeth Whiting, and Colleen McGee, noticed and swept in to help.

The rhythm could not be stopped so more team members join in the show dancing straight to the front and giving the judges their best eye contact and faces to let them know they were here to win led by Ariana Steinbrueck, Madison Merkle, Caroline Twite, Kamryn Schmitt, Kayla Leblanc and Taylor Guibord. Rosie knew this team was not complete so buckets and brushes joined by Sophia MacDonald, Grace Krueger, Amanda Johnson, and Megan Muir.

Now you may think there could not be more but full sized trashed cans were danced out by Sophia LeGoullon, Kate Mikol, Ellie Jamieson, and Sofia Florian and while they were working the trash cans came to life by Emme Detcher and Lindsey Healey. Bedford Jr. Bulldogs Jr. Pee Wees took first place at Regionals and will be heading to Nationals next month.

Pee Wee Football

The Bedford Pee Wee team struggled to fully execute against the tough Amherst Patriots.

In the first half, the Bulldogs, behind a strong offensive line, were able to pound a touchdown run in by running back Ethan Van Heerdan which was shortly followed up by a laser touch down pass from QB Nathaniel Frederick to tight end Jack Jones.

The Bulldog offense ground out yardage behind Scott Landis, Jack Grogan, Teagan Graham, Jack Lavoie, Hayden Cheney, Patrick Goterch, Stephen Watson, and Jack Jones.

The Bulldog defense made a lot of adjustments to deal with the Amherst Patriots with great play by Will Detscher, Hunter Ducharme, Nicholas Merchant, Gabriel Fitzgerald, Henry Samson, Andrew Kemp, Aidan Wolfinger, Damian Martineau, Matt Peicker, and Evan Dunn.

In the second half Running Backs Michael Akstin and Conor Mullin ground out some nice runs with Michael Austin scoring again for the Bulldogs. It was not enough to pull out a victory. The Bulldogs lost their only game in 2014, 19-18 leaving the Pee Wee Bulldogs with a 9-1 record for the 2014 season.