Jaguars perform well over the weekend

Flag Yellow

The Bedford Jaguars Yellow Flag Team recorded their most impressive victory on the season on Sunday, thumping host Nor-Rock Vikings with touchdowns on every offensive possession. Brendan Leung scored on the first play behind blocks from Drew Burnett and Ryder Proulx.

Ben Lu, Denys Savenko, Proulx and Nathan Dunker played well defensively. Bryce D’Urso and Leung later scored.

In the second half, Nathan Dunker took a sweep left for his first career touchdown before Denys Savenko impressed the crowd with a dazzling run to set up Aiden Klardie’s first TD of the year. D’Urso added his second of the day.

Flag Green

Bedford Jaguars Green Flag team came out of Raymond with a big win over Goffstown Red. On a fourth down, Rordan Kemmerer got things rolling for the Jaguars with a TD. Liam Shannon and Wilson Quick derailed a Goffstown possession. On a third-down play, John Chhom took the ball on a QB sweep from mid field all the way to the end zone to go into halftime up 2-0.

Opening up the second half on offense, Will Frongillo took a reverse the length of he field to go up 3-0. Brayden Lyon, Quick and Anthony Correnti were big on defense. Big runs from Gavin Shannon and Cole Thibodeau set up a TD run by Correnti up the middle to close out the scoring and sealing the win, 4-0.

Flag Red

The Bedford Jaguars Red team had another string victory on Sunday in a back-and-forth battle with Goffstown on the road in Raymond. Jeremy Desrochers and Ishan Jain ran well for Bedford, but Goffstown scored first.

Bedford answered when Connor Pitts scored the first of his two TDs. Ike Corbett and William Riley led the first-half defense.

Goffstown scored, but Bedford’s Cody Beyer and Noah Lawless supplied big runs and Paul Gaudreau tied it with a TD on fourth down. Ishan Jain prevented Goffstown from striking back.

With time winding down, Bedford used a solid initial run by Luke Rodgers to free up Connor Pitts to run for his second TD. Bedford held strong on the final possession of the game as the duo of Brian and Paul Gaudreau were able to push into the Goffstown backfield from their defensive line positions and help secure the victory.

9U Tackle

The Bedford Jaguars 9U team locked up a playoff spot with a hard-fought 24-0 victory over host Blue Storm on Sunday.

Brody Helton opened the scoring with a 34-yard TD rush. Jack Hinton led the defense with five tackles, along with strong play from Sam Surgento, Ronan Looney, Christian Page, Connor Flaherty (four tackles), Jack Maye (four tackles and a forced fumble), Noah Cassamassino (three tackles) and Brody Helton (three tackles). Gavin Bodoh scored from 20 yards out.

Surgento, Colby Boyd, Andy Dell’Orfano, Cobe Rubin, Brody Gagne, and Jack Petrosino pushed the Blue Storm backwards and forced turnovers, with Gus Forgey and Helton recovering fumbles. In all, the host team finished with minus-21 total yards. Helton added a 37-yard TD scamper and Gavin Bodoh sprinted 21 yards for a score. Punishing runs from Lennox Perkins and Hunter Crowley iced it for the visitors.

11U Tackle

The Bedford Jaguars 11U team faced the Blue Storm Sunday and came away with a 46-6 victory, securing a playoff berth. Caleb Lemoine recovered two fumbles and the offense took full advantage with 20 points in the first quarter. Dominating blocking from Gabe Flores, EJ Kissel, Nathaniel Harding and Max Mercure opened up huge holes for Camren Raymond, who scored twice. Noah Kelton scored one play after taking the ball for 30 yards. Sean Kulhoff threw for one TD and ran for two more. Antoine Valentin finished up the scoring for the day. Seth Doyon had a strong day running and caught a pass out of the backfield from Josh Webb.

Defensive standouts included Cameron Westcott, Aidan Veverka, Zach Jones, Cameron Marchant, Harrison Schneller, Jackson Carr and Alex Arias.