Sanborn a strong representative

To the Editor:

Andy Sanborn is a fourth generation Granite Stater and has been a state senator for six years. He consistently brings a selfless energy to work on behalf of his Bedford constituents. Mr. Sanborn has stood tall as a strong independent voice working with both the executive branch and legislature to that pursue an economic agenda of reduced taxation and regulatory moderation.

Sen. Sanborn is a business owner who understands what is a healthy, job-creating environment. He is an owner of multiple small businesses, which is to say that his knowledge and experience cut a broad swath across the New Hampshire economy. Mr. Sanborn understands that we need to reduce healthcare, energy and regulatory costs and tamp down the challenging tax environment that has slowly choked our economy. Senator Sanborn understands what needs to be done, not only to keep but also to attract, energetic entrepreneurs who will create businesses and jobs for present and future generations. Mr. Sanborn understands that we are not just competing with our neighboring New England states but all 50 states as well as international concerns, whose capital will flow to the lowest cost, lowest risk, business-friendly venues to generate the greatest risk-adjusted returns. That is the nature of our global economy. Senator Sanborn understands this economic chess board and will fight for the Senate to legislate accordingly.

NH has the highest corporate tax rate in New England. Senator Sanborn will work with both parties, to to lower your taxes, your healthcare costs and your energy costs. The alchemy of business creation is often lost on those of us who have not spent a lifetime trying to help businesses succeed. But we have to get this quixotic science right to attract jobs to the Granite state and provide trade and skilled labor opportunities for our young high school and college graduates.

A vote for Andy Sanborn is a vote to refashion the Granite State’s business environment into what we all fondly remember as the New Hampshire Advantage. A vote for Senator Sanborn is a vote to keep our young energetic children in New Hampshire. Please vote for Andy Sanborn to provide Bedford with continued leadership in the New Hampshire Senate.

Doreen Schneller