The public servant or the politician?

To the Editor:

Liberty, the common good of our community, and honesty from those who serve it. These are the values that matter, and represent the sharpest differences between the public servant Lee Nyquist and the politician Andy Sanborn.

Lee has worked hard to build a life for himself, his wife, their children and the New Boston community. Lee is one of the most highly respected southern New Hampshire attorneys, with an unblemished reputation for ethics and public service. He has served as the town moderator for 24 years, a thankless but necessary position in any town, and a great example of public service. His successes include past presidency of the Manchester Bar Association, the New Hampshire Association for Justice, and the New Hampshire Lakes Association, whose efforts center around keeping our lakes clean and healthy. For 11 years he served on New Hampshire’s Unemployment Compensation Advisory Council. Brokering compromises as Chair, he transformed a trust fund deficit of $60 million into solvency.

On the other side, we have career politician Sen. Andy Sanborn, who moved to our district because he could not win in his old one. Andy likes to characterize himself as the sole driver in the fight against heroin. Here are the facts: Andy fought against 40 percent of the funds we have available to fight substance abuse in our state when he fought against the bipartisan HB-1696. Sen. Sanborn likes to cast himself as a champion of rebuilding our roads. Here are the facts: Sen. Sanborn voted against doing it when he voted against SB-367. Now, in light of Donald Trump’s comments, career politician Sen. Sanborn says he never endorsed Trump. Too bad there’s that inconvenient YouTube video of him doing exactly that floating around.

We need someone we can trust. I ask my fellow Republicans to join me in voting for Lee Nyquist.

Jim Scanlon