Ready to go

Sam Bosquet wants to see her Wilton-Lyndeborough High School girls basketball team win as many games as it can this season.

But what the senior guard really wants to see is the Warriors playing on their home court when the Division IV postseason begins in February.

This is the fourth season Bosquet will be on the varsity roster, having spent time as an occasional starter as a freshman before stepping in full time as a sophomore. At the end every one of those seasons, WLC has had to get on a bus and travel for the first round of the playoffs.

“Freshman year, we went to Colebrook,” she said. “Sophomore year, we went to Sunapee. Last year, we went to Newmarket.”

None of those trips ended the way Bosquet or the Warriors wanted.

“We want to win as many games as we can, but we really want to make it past prelims this time,” she said.

If Bosquet has the kind of season coach Denny Claire thinks she’s capable of having, the Warriors will have a chance for that home playoff game.

“I expect big things out of her this year,” Claire said. “I think she’s improved and it should be interesting how she does this year. I think she’ll have her best year.”

Bosquet was having a great one as a junior when illness forced her to miss a half dozen games in the middle of the season. It was no coincidence that WLC went on a losing streak during that time.

“She finished strong, but she was sick when we had that losing streak,” Claire said. “She was only a hundred percent in our playoff game and that was her best game all year. She’s been playing well in practice. She goes a hundred percent all the time and that’s got to rub off on the rest of them.”

After losing five players from a year ago – three to graduation – the Warriors are still trying to fit the pieces together. They’re a young team, but a handful of those players have spent time on the court together before.

“We’re really just trying to mold together as well as we can,” Bosquet said. “So far, I think we’ve been doing that pretty well, we’ve just got some things to work out. A lot of them swung up (from junior varsity), so they kind of knew what’s going on. I just try to help them out as much as I can. It’s a lot faster, and some of our plays are different, but it’s not too bad.”

It’s helped that Bosquet, who also plays on the varsity soccer and softball teams, can relate to what those younger players are going through.

“A lot of them are sophomores,” she said. “They get kind of nervous and I just tell them to keep their heads. I know how nerve-wracking it is and I know if I was playing nervous, it would get me out of my game. I tell them to get it out of their heads.”

While Bosquet serves as the team’s point guard, she’ll share ballhandling duties this year with sophomore guard Ally Schwab, another player who saw varsity time as a freshman. The split is something that Bosquet doesn’t mind.

“Most of the time, I like having the ball in my hands, but if Ally takes, I don’t mind,” she said. “As a guard, when I started playing, I didn’t score that much. I was more of a passer and that’s usually what I like to do because that’s what I do the most.”

That unselfishness on the floor is just one of several traits Claire is hoping Bosquet can pass along to her teammates.

“She’s a good leader and she leads by example,” Claire said. “If you’ve got someone as your captain who is doing that, it should rub off.”

And if all goes well, there might be playoff basketball in Wilton in February.