Gifts for the sports world

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. That’s what the song says anyways. Those lyrics aren’t lying.

Christmas is the greatest holiday celebrated worldwide. It has nothing to do with its religious beginnings. Many non-Christians celebrate the day and the day before. It’s about family and friends, love and laughter, memories past and hope for the future.

Christmas is a perfect metaphor for sports.

Players have a family they celebrate with. Yet, the team doesn’t always come first for some. There’s always a greedy one and/or grinchy one in the bunch.

Still, even when one individual wants to ruin things for everyone else, there’s always the good to focus on.

That’s what Christmas is really all about. The good in humanity. Yes, there is good in people. You need not be religious to live in the spirit of the season. One just needs to believe.

There was a coach who emailed recently regarding The Telegraph Fall All Stars, which wrap up with boys soccer on Christmas Eve. This coach expressed how surprised he was to wake up, look at the paper and see his name under Coach of the Year.

Reading the message of gratitude, it was easy to envision the smiling face of a child on
Christmas morning, shocked by what Santa brought and so grateful for their new prize.

In that vein, there are some in Greater Nashua who deserve something special at this time of year.

For NHIAA Executive Director R. Patrick Corbin, who is set to retire in July, I offer up peace and relaxation from the stresses of a thankless job full of angry emails, nasty phone calls and sarcastic columns aimed in your direction. You were right about this bowling thing. It’s working, even if its not candlepin and there’s no glow bowling tournaments.

For Jim Sanderson and Al Savage, a free pass for a dip into the Fountain of Youth. This community needs both of you to continue molding and grooming its youth until the end of time. A season without one or both of you working to create upstanding citizens and respectful human beings will be a sad time in the Gate City.

For athletic directors throughout the region, who are slacking in their duties, Bill Dod’s number on speed dial will work for you. There are some really good ones out there, and they’ve been made aware of that fact at one time or another. But still, too many are off their games. If one were to look for the model of perfection in an AD, Dod would be that example.

To all the parents attending their children’s games, it’s a cookie tin full of patience. Patience to sit in the stands, let the coaches coach, the officials work and your players play.

To the coaches, the strength to block out parents trying to coach, forgive officials making mistakes and teaching skills needed to handle today’s players.

To the players themselves, a box of good health and a bottle of good sportsmanship. Enough said.

It’s Christmas Eve and the spirit of giving is overwhelming. Hopefully that spirit grabs hold of you all and never let’s go.

George Scione can be reached at 594-6520 or Also, follow Scione on Twitter (@Telegraph_BigG).