Souhegan girls soccer team has new coach but same goal

When he left the Souhegan High School girls soccer program late last spring, Dwayne Andreasen felt he was leaving it in good hands.

He was likely correct, as longtime junior varsity coach Amy Sparks takes the defending Division II champion varsity helm after Andreasen’s near decade long run.

The question is, can Sparks’ team have the same success that saw the Sabers win two titles in the last three years?

“After learning from two of the best coaches, Dwayne Andreasen and Lisa Kent, I’m ready to get our season officially underway,” Sparks said as the 2014 campaign begins around the state on Friday.

“The team is ready to work hard in defense of its state championship.”

And it has a foundation, despite needing to replace the graduated Telegraph Player of the Year Peyton Kent, who did it all for the Sabers.

They should be tough to score on with a defense led by co-captain Alana Barretto, but they’ll have to find some scoring and that could start with senior co-captain midfielder Emma Fleuette.

There’s plenty of depth with at least nine offensive players back.

Remember Division II had an upheavel last year when Hollis Brookline was forced to forfeit many of its wins at the end of the season due to having an ineligible player.

The Cavs had to bite the bullet on a 2-13-1 official record, but they were actually 10-5-1 on the field and have nine starters back from that squad.

Milford, which finished 6-10, has several back also. In Division IV, keep an eye on Wilton-Lyndeborough, as head coach Bill Draper is very high on his team’s chances.



COACH: Russ Matthews (2nd year)

2013: 6-10, lost in first round.

RETURNING STARTERS: Devany Pitsas, so. fb; Andi Sindi, sr. f; Geene Ciardelli, so. fb; Lauren Nay, so. fb; Adelle Pitsas, sr. mf; Morgan Gril, jr. mf; Alyza Sayward, jr. mf; Erin McGuire, so. mf; Anna Norford, jr. mf; Morgan Stephens, sr. mf.

OTHER RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Kaitlyn Matthews, sr. fd; Becca Cleary, sr. fd-mf; Alex Matsis, so. mf; Emily Wood, jr. mf-def; Mikayla Rush, so. fd; Casey Phelps, sr. goalie.

PROMISING NEWCOMERS: Nicole Blake, sr. fb; Ariana Devine, so. mf.

KEYS TO A SUCCESSFUL SEASON: “We have some injured players that missed all of last season back and that will make a big difference,” Matthews said. “If we can keep injuries to a minimum and play together, we’ll be very competitive.”


COACH: Amy Sparks (1st year)

2013: 16-3-1, won state title

RETURNING STARTERS: Alana Barretto, jr. def; Emma Fleuette,; Meghan Camello, sr.fd;Caitlin Dix, sr. mf; Kathleen Foley, sr. mf; Sarah Lefleur, sr. mf; Gabi Sellars, sr. def; Anna Sparks, sr. fd; Hannah chick, jr. fd; Abbey Christensen, jr. def; Rachel, jr. mf; Anna Farrow, jr. def; Hailey Johnson, jr. mf; Elizabeth Silvia-Chandley, jr. goalie; Emma Estabrook, so. fd; Casey Johnson, so. def.


PROMISING NEWCOMERS: Grace Angulas, fr. mf; Christa Vordenberg, fr. mf.

KEYS TO A SUCCESSFUL SEASON: “The team is ready to work hard in defense of its state championship,” Sparks said.


COACH: Bill Draper (12th year)

2013: 12-6, lost to Sunapee in quarterfinals.

RETURNING STARTERS: Jenna Bragdon, sr. def; Kelsey Randlett,; Ally Schwab, jr. fd; Tesa Simpson, jr.def; Cori Balam, jr. goalie; Emily Yurcak, sr.def; Chelsea Barnes, sr. fd; Lorrie Blais, sr. fd; Maddy Bacon, jr. mf; Krystin Green, jr. def; Olivia McGettigan, jr. def.

OTHER RETUIRNING LETTERWINNERS: Suzie Lemire, jr. fd; Alex Schoen, sr. fd; Dani Bird, so. fd; Grace Wight so. mf; Naomi Wight, so. mf.

PROMISING NEWCOMERS: Charlotte Bailey, jr. mf; Jaida Silamba, jr. fd.

KEYS TO A SUCCESSFUL SEASON: “I think we have all the pieces to have a great season,” Draper said. “With a lot of hard work and effort on our part, I think we can surprise some people.”



COACH: Bill Soubosky (seventh year).

2013: 3-17, did not qualify for state tourney.

RETURNING REGULARS: Evan Ryan, so.; Weston Pare, so.; Mitchell Lepine, so.; Nick Cauley, so.; Shane Winnett, so.; Matt Paul, jr.; Ethan Brocklehurst, jr.; Brenden White, sr.

PROMISING NEWCOMERS: Nick Gutterson, so.; Hunter Hoffman, fr.; Grant Bonczar, fr.

KEYS TO A SUCCESSFUL SEASON: “The future looks bright with our youth and the fact we had 17 kids come out,” Soubosky said. “The sophomores’ performance is our key for a playoff spot.”


COACH: Bill Robes (second year).

2013: N/A.

RETURNING REGULARS: August Darula, jr.; Alex Medic, sr.; Ryan Stankiewicz, so.; Mitch Hubert, sr. Ibaad Nazeer, so.; Jorick Ehrenstein, jr.; Tom Stover, sr.

PROMISING NEWCOMERS: James Kibbie, jr.; Jack Kane, fr., David Wicczerzaki, jr.

KEYS TO A SUCCESSFUL SEASON: “Things have been excellent,” Robes said. “We have three players who have shown over and over their experience and the attitude is great. They show they are ready to compete and learn.”



COACH: Jim Tallarico (ninth year).

2013: 0-15-1; did not qualify for tournament.

RETURNING STARTERS: Major Wheelock, sr., back; Drew Jepson, sr., midfield; Qyn Young, sr., midfield; Gabe Chevalier, sr., back; Liam Shea, sr., midfield; Chris Pervere, jr., keeper; Tom Simo, jr., forward.

OTHER RETURNING LETTERWINNER: David Spalding, jr., back.

PROMISING NEWCOMERS: Devon Audibert, sr., midfield; Jason Care, sr., forward; Max Ayotte, jr., midfield/back; Jeremy Wisbey, jr., back; Mason Mallows, so., back; Austin Martel, so., back; Jacob Wilder, so., midfield; Russell Lippitt, so., forward; Gordon Shenk, so., forward; Mike Federico, so., midfield.

KEYS TO A SUCCESSFUL SEASON: Milford traditionally has a fairly small program and this year is no different. Last season the Spartans lost four starters to season long injuries and transfers along with many games due to lesser injuries which made it impossible to compete at the level expected. This season Milford is hoping to avoid all major injuries and, according to coach Jim Tallarico, “If we can do that, we should be able to play competitive, attractive soccer and make a run at the postseason.”


COACH: David Saxe (19th year)

2013: Lost to eventual champion Windham in quarterfinals.

RETURNING PLAYERS: Matt Hopfenspirger, sr., midfield; Reed Larson, sr., back; Jasper Jones, sr., midfield; Teigue Young, sr., keeper; Pat Noble, sr., back; Devan Casey, sr., forward; Ely Marciano, jr., midfield; Josh Anson, jr., midfield.

PROMISING NEWCOMERS: Nick Scavetta, so., back/midfield; Chandler Fleuette, so., back/midfield; Ali Eweiss, so., forward; Luke Berry, jr., forward/midfield; Josh Massa, jr., midfield/back; Nate Chamberlain, so., back; Tim Driscoll, so., back; Erik Richardson, so., midfield; Mason Young, so., midfield; Mitch Greany, so., back.

KEYS TO A SUCCESSFUL SEASON: The Sabers are focused on taking care of the ball in order to become a possession-oriented team. “We’ll be very organized in our defense,” 19-year coach David Saxe said. “Our team leadership is a stellar group of seniors leading every step of the way, providing great modeling, great teaching and real inspiration.”


COACH: Steve Martus (eighth year)

2013: NA.

ROSTER: Chris Ballou, sr. midfield/defense; Connor Melrose, sr., keeper; Matt Ducharme, jr., defense; Skye Williams, sr., midfield; James Bogdon, so., forward; Trevor Paquin, sr., midfield; Michael Manning, jr., midfield; Jake Levert, fr., forward; Jacob Yurcak, fr., defense; Jacob Clare, so., defense.

KEYS TO A SUCCESSFUL SEASON: The Warriors are working on their transition game and playing together as a team.