Title win was a long time coming for Souhegan coach

The Souhegan High school boys soccer team certainly can be proud of its Division II championship.

So while the Saber players take away the great feeling of victor, they also take away something else:

They have learned a heck of a lot about soccer.

All you need to do is have one conversation with Sabers coach Dave Saxe and you come away knowing more about the sport than you were before you talked with him. On Saturday night, hours after the title was won, he was explaining the strategy that allowed the Sabers to move from the flanks into open space and create the opportunities that led to the game’s only goal.

“Possession of the ball,” Saxe will tell you is the key, as he talked about both after both the semis and the finals.

“Taking care of business in the midfield, both one on one and technically providing cover,” he said after the semis as a reason why the Sabers beat Goffstown 1-0. “If we keep the ball in front of us in the midfield we’re not going to be in much trouble. The guys who are providing the passing in the attacking third, that’s a big thing.”

But Saxe, certainly a cerebral type, can also break things down simply.

“It’s soccer,” Saxe said. “Sometimes you’ve got to do a little extra stuff, and even then it might not work out.”

On Saturday, all the extra stuff worked for the Sabers. A well-deserved title and certainly an educational experience for all involved, thanks to Saxe.