Hiscoe, Lorden bring bond to BG

They go together in all kinds of weather.

The incredible on field chem­istry between Bishop Guertin quarterback J.T. Hiscoe and wide receiver Nick Lorden is no acci­dent. It’s something that has been in the making since the two got to know each other nearly a decade ago when they were third graders in Milford.

"We’ve had a lot of the same classes together and played on the same football team for a lot of years," Hiscoe said. "And we still (hang out together off the field) to­day."

Opposing coaches must be kick­ing themselves for not trying to separate the two way back when. But in all seriousness, the pair have given the opposition a lot of headaches, connecting 19 times for 390 yards and eight touch­downs.

Again, not by accident. The pair began working out together in Mil­ford’s Hampshire Dome in mid- November last fall after the Car­dinals’ season ended with a loss to eventual Division I champion Pinkerton Academy in the semifi­nals. Eventually a few other team­mates joined in. Those workouts intensified once first-year Guertin coach Jeff Moore was hired, be­cause, as Hiscoe said, the coach’s spread offense "was like a dream come true. Perfect for us."

"I know they worked quite a bit in the offseason together in the dome, trying to get timing right and they have good chemistry,"

Moore said. "Really good chemistry be­tween the two of them, they have a real good thing going.

"But they both bought into the scheme, understand the scheme, make adjust­ments as they go. Just great chemistry."

"It’s got to be the chemistry," Lorden said. "We’ve been on the same page since the fifth grade, it’s been unreal. I’m thinking it, he’s thinking it."

And, as Hiscoe said, "It’s nice as a quarterback to have a 6-3 kid as a receiv­er. He runs great routs and he’s easy to get the ball too. He knows if someone’s inside of him, I can throw it to the out­side and he can go up and get it."

For the 6-foot-3 Lorden, the comeback is special. He had missed all of last sea­son with a broken collarbone sustained in a late August 2014 practice. He felt he had spent months of preparation. So once healed, he simply went back to work.

"I did even more this summer, going into this season," Lorden said.

Lorden has drawn raves from oppos­ing coaches. Keene’s John Luopa said Lorden is the best receiver he’s seen in years.

"He’s tall. He’s a jumper. He runs like a slot (receiver)," Moore said. "He’s physical. He’s a big target, and he’s done an awesome job."

And Lorden has bounced back from the broken collarbone to pick things right up and make a big splash in his se­nior year.

"He’s very, very polished for a kid who hasn’t played a lot of snaps," Moore said. "He went to a bunch of camps, he’s put in the time since the end of last season. He’s a very polished kid without a lot of reps."

Hiscoe alternated at the QB position last year, depending on what the game situation was. This year he feels much more comfortable, knowing the job is his and he doesn’t have to look over his shoulder. And he’s asked to do much more, too.

"He definitely has way more on his plate then he had in offenses in the past," Moore said. "This offense re­volves around the quarterback making decisions and making them fast, and that’s something he’s doing well.

"He has a really good arm, and he runs really well."

But how about the accuracy?

"He’s about 70 percent," Moore said of his completion percentage. "He’s done a real nice job at it. I haven’t seen it this high. He makes things simple – lot of short throws – has had some great con­nections with Nick. He makes all the throws well. He can throw on the run to the left, to the right, and he can throw down the field with some nice touch."

It’s even more amazing the two fol­lowed each other to Guertin, when there were certainly other options.

"We both definitely wanted to play at a high level," Hiscoe said. "We played to­gether at a young age and we wanted to keep it going. We wanted to be at a high level academically and athletically."

Lorden was sweating it out for a cou­ple of weeks, though, as Hiscoe was ac­cepted into Guertin first.

"We were really lucky," Lorden said.

Hiscoe calls Lorden "just a great kid, nothing more I can say about him."

And Lorden on Hiscoe?

"As a friend, it’s got to be his reliabil­ity. Always there for you."

The odds, you would think, would be somewhat against the pair keeping this thing going in college. But they both have been looked at by the University of New Hampshire and other schools.