Cavaliers fall to Jaguars

Hollis Brookline started Sunday’s game against Windham set to receive the opening kickoff and get its football season going after Saturday night’s storms postponed the originally scheduled opening night.

After that, all terms were dictated by the visiting Jaguars, who opened the game with a successful onside kick and rolled to a 56-0 win over the Cavaliers. Windham outgained Hollis-Brookline 526-136.

“Playing a double-wing team for us is not the ideal type of offense that you want to play against,” HB coach Chris Lones said. “They’re running talented guys at you at every single play. You just have to stand your ground and you can’t get washed up. We’ve got a lot of heart on this team, but we don’t have a whole lot of numbers. So when you got guys out there playing both sides of the ball, and they’re getting worn down, that starts to become a factor.”

The Jaguars used their superior size at the line of scrimmage to force the Cavaliers back at the point of attack time and again. Windham racked up 312 yards over 33 rushing attempts. The Jaguars had four players with 35 rushing yards or more.

On the offensive side of the ball, the Cavaliers couldn’t solve Windham’s back seven. HB ran numerous pitch plays but the secondary for the Jaguars was able to meet the Hollis runners before they could turn the corner.

Two bright points for HB were captains Matt Ferenczhalmy and Patch Zorn. Ferenczhalmy rushed 19 times for a team-high 84 yards. Zorn, in his first game under center, stayed focused and calm throughout despite dealing with the buzzsaw that was the Windham defense.

“We want him to run to grass,” Lones said of Ferenczhalmy. “That’s what we’ve been preaching all week.”

“We’re not running into A gap or the one hole; we want him to run to grass. He’s still adjusting to that. When you zone block it isn’t about running off the center’s butt or the guard’s butt; you’ve got to find the open field. He’s still struggling with that, but he’ll get it. He’s a good running back who is going to get better.

“Patch I thought did a pretty decent job for his first game under center. I thought he stayed poised, showed composure. He didn’t seem to come unglued no matter what happened. I thought he did a decent job of managing the game.”

As for getting his team ready for next weekend’s tilt with Milford, Lones said he had complete confidence that his team would be ready.

“I won’t have to do much,” Lones said. “These kids are motivated. We’ve got a good group of kids here especially the senior class. We have a lot of leaders on this team. They didn’t give up, and I’m sure when we start watching film they’ll be ready to see what they did right, what they did wrong, and improve.”