Fall Sports Previews


COACH: Jennifer Ma­cLeod (first year).

2014: 2-11-1, did not make the tournament.

RETURNING START­ERS: Stephanie Buchanan, sr., midfielder; Nicola Cho­miak, sr., midfielder; Natalie Paquin, jr., defense; Kelly Snyder, sr., forward.

OTHER RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Cas­sie Reijgers, sr., goalie; Mag­gie Devlin, sr., midfielder; Lanie Wood, sr., midfield­er; Shae Berry, sr., forward; Teagan White, sr., forward; Alexi Migneault, sr., de­fense; Nichole Bourque, jr., forward; Mikey Lemay, jr., midfielder; Maggie O’Hara, jr., midfielder.

PROMISING NEW­COMERS: Jackie Haller­man, jr., defense; Meghan Hill, so., midfielder; Sofia Barassi, fr., forward.

COACH’S COM­MENTS: "Unlike many of our competitors, our team does not play together in the off-season," MacLeod said. "We have considerable talent and a desire to win, and we’re working hard to coalesce into a united team in these two short weeks of presea­son. We’re going to take our season one game at a time and will strive to make the playoffs this year."


COACH: James Turner (second year).

2014: Eighth in state tournament.

RETURNING REG­ULARS: Jack Shields, Pat McDonald, Chris Cadman, Kris Johnson, Jack McCloud, Nick White.

PROMISING NEW­COMERS: Ian Mauch, Dave Bonnette, Timmy Gla­cona, Alex Meagher.

COACH’S COM­MENTS: "This year looks to be a promising year for our returning players," Turner said, "with lots of talent to lead the team. The newcom­ers also look very excited to join a strong starting lineup."


COACH: Peter Clarke (fifth year).

2014 record: 11-4-1 , lost in quarterfinals.

RETURNING START­ERS: Holly Eisenberg, sr. mf; Megan Olson, sr. def; Courtney Ulrich, sr. mf; Erin Stowell, sr. mf; Taylor Cook, jr. mf; Magnolia Moskun, jr. mf; Kenzie Day, jr. def; Oliv­ia Cleghorn, jr. goalie.

OTHER RETURNING LETTER WINNERS: Leah Cummings, sr. fd; Ryan Philbrook, jr. def; Tor­rey Cook, jr. fd/mf; Hannah Modelski, jr. fd; Rachel Fla­nagan, jr. mf; Ellie Caswell, jr. mf/fd; Bella DeMayo, jr. fd; Maddie McCann, so.fd.

PROMISING NEW­COMERS: Sydney Brack­ett, sr. fd.

COACH’S COM­MENTS: "We have a strong core of veterans returning from a good season," Clarke said, "and hope to add a few new elements for a compet­itive run."


COACH: Rick Carvalho (fifth year).

2014: 15-1 regular season, lost in the semifinals to Oys­ter River.

RETURNING PLAY­ERS: Cam Tulley, Jack Barbour, Kyle Pittman, Zac Crooks, Eric Pratt, Andrew Bisbee, Nick Wood, Sam Hall, Scott Stone, Jonathan Brackett, Joe Brown.

PROMISING NEW­COMERS: Skye Jacobs, Colin Loftus, Ryan Ol­son, Jonathan Brunkhardt, Dale Jacobs, Joey Dias, Kyle Simpson, Max Mello, Mark Labak.

COACH’S COM­MENT: "The biggest keys for our team are to stay well organized and commit ourselves to a high level of training everyday," fifth-year coach Rick Carvalho said.

Fall Sports Previews



COACH: Ann MacLean (ninth year).

2014: 8-5-1, lost in quarterfinals.

RETURNING STARTERS: Callie Dwyer, sr.; Jessie Londono, sr.; Torri Currie, sr.; Charlotte Perry, jr.; Brianna Shelley, jr.; Emily Eckert, jr.


PROMISING NEWCOMERS: Seeda Sam-Sok, sr.; Emily Beard, sr.; Katie Todd, jr.; Sydney Well, sr.; Caro­line Valuzzi, so.; Sam Karam, jr.

COACH’S COMMENT: "We have a team with eight returning var­sity players," MacLean said. "The re­mainder of the team is made up of hard-working athletes that are improv­ing practice to practice. I admire their positive attitudes and great work ethic. It will be an exciting season."


COACH: Don Chisholm (first year).

2014: N/A, did not qualify for tour­nament.

RETURNING REGULARS: Brennan Gillis, sr.; Nicholas Edge­worth, so.; Jon Dinsmore, jr.; Jacob Chambers, sr.; Owen Ploss, so.

PROMISING NEWCOMERS: Travis Brody, so.; Ryan Carey, fr.; Jake Mainey, so.

COACH’S COMMENTS: "We’re still very young," Chisholm said. "We’ll take our lumps but we;re going to be OK."


COACH: Tim Field (second year).

2014: 7-8-1, lost in prelims.

RETURNING STARTERS – Brenna Field, sr. def; Dena Noiseux, sr. fd; Ingrid Havron, sr. mf; Janelle Krehel, jr. def; Kaylee Eno, sr. mf; Ke­ara Venne, sr. goalie; Kelly Eno, sr. def; Lauren DuBois, sr. mf; Rachel Mack, jr. fd; Sara Wozniak, so. mf.

OTHER RETURNING LETTER WINNERS: Alivia Beeten, sr. fd; Cas­sie Jorge, sr. mf; Kelsey Keroauc, sr. def.

PROMISING NEWCOMERS: Carissa Yim, jr. def; Emma Zanni, so.def; Lindsey Erickson,fr. mf.

COACH’S COMMENTS: "We’re loaded with experience and leadership this season," Field said. " Our key to winning is finishing chances when they are given, something we struggled with early last season."


COACH: Ryan Farnsworth (fourth year).

2014: 4-12, lost in the first round.

RETURNING STARTERS: John Bory, sr., striker; Riley Clark, sr., back; Sean Courtemanche, sr., mf; Ethan Harrington, sr., mf; Cameron Liddell, sr., striker; Jordan Meaney, sr., back; Derek Staradub, sr., goalie; Owen Trac­ey, sr., striker.

PROMISING NEWCOMERS: Richie Bibeault, jr., back; Matthew Fowler, jr., mf; Ryan Gonzalez, jr., goalie; Devin Kachmar, jr., mf; Connor Tess, jr., back; Dennis Rattunde, so., mf.

COACH’S COMMENT: "Play­ing as a team and winning games," are what Fransworth highlighted as keys to a successful season.