Time to take the football field


Jr. Cavs

Hollis Brookline U11 Jr. Cavaliers football team laced up their cleats at home Sunday for Game 2 vs. the Pel­ham Razorbacks. With a roster out­numbering HB’s by more than a doz­en players, Pelham was able to produce fresh lines on both sides of the football giving it an edge in this matchup while many members of the Cavs were forced to play both sides throughout. Scoring early and never letting up, Pelham made some complete pass plays and showed a penchant for its backs to run a couple sweeps for a number of first downs.

HB’s offense showed its own strength and determination as the Cavs only gave up a single turnover to the Razor­backs defense on a handful of run and pass plays of their own. Proving difficult to advance the football up the middle against Pelham’s defense, HB’s offense turned to some effective pass plays to give it some needed key first downs, such as the flawless halfback option from their QB to Noah Moyer, who threw for a complete pass to give his team a spark.

Numerous tackles by defensive play­ers including Harrison Migneault, Dil­lon O’Sullivan and Cadence Theroux helped save some scoring plays attempt­ed by Pelham’s receivers.