Neverett returns to managerial role with Nashua Silver Knights

NASHUA – The Nashua Silver Knights will likely have a new owner for the 2016 season, but they definitely will have a new manager.

They are ready for B.J Neverett II.

Neverett, who is the team’s vice president in charge of player personnel, has been named the team’s manager for the 2016 season, taking the reins of the job he had last previously held in 2012.

Neverett replaces Ted Currle in basically what was an amicable but mutual parting. Currle told team president Tim Bawmann that he wanted to spend more time with his family during the summer and Bawmann indicated the team was thinking about a change, anyway.

"Ted basically said the commute (he lives in Norwood, Mass.) was making a big difference for him," Bawmann said. "In terms of being able to spend more time with his family, he said this was probably the best thing for him. He said he’d never really want to take another managerial job in the Futures League, that’s how much he enjoyed being with the Silver Knights."

Those were basically comments Currle made to The Telegraph when the season ended in mid-August.

"I just want to thank all the great people at the Nashua Silver Knights for two great summers," Currle said in a statement posted on the team’s web site. "My family and I are greatful for everything. Love Nashua."

After the franchise won two straight FCBL titles and appeared in three straight finals, the team under Currle (57-56 overall) lost in the first round of the playoffs in 2014 and the second round this past summer.

Neverett, meanwhile, who coached on Currle’s staff, is the last Nashua manager to win a title.

"I think we’re in good hands with B.J.," Bawmann said. "We last won a championship with him as our manager. He puts together our roster, and now he can put them in spots as he sees fit."

Neverett, basically usually has his roster set for the time being by early November, gave up the managing job after one summer due to family reasons. But now he has the time again.

"Exactly," Bawmann said. "I said to him at the time he stepped down that at some point he’d be coming back as our manager."

"I’m very excited to be back," Neverett said. "I knew someday it would happen. I had to take a step back three years ago for family reasons. It’ll be time to get our great fans energized again."

Kyle Jackson, meawhile, will return as pitching coach, the team announced.

"He does a great job, and I think I’ve given him a much improved staff to work with this summer. I know our fans will love our roster next summer. We have older, more experienced kids who come from some great college programs. I’m ready to go now."

Sale not stopping business

The fact the Silver Knights, along with its sister club, the Class A Lowell Spinners, is up for sale hasn’t stopped business as usual, Bawmann said.

"We just had our planning meetings, going over budgets, things we want to change, promotions, etc.," Bawmann said.

At least two Lowell, Mass., groups are said to be interested in buying the Spinners and possibly the Silver Knights, including one group led by noted boxing promoter Lou DiBella, who also owns the minor league Richmond Flying Squirrels. DiBella was the promoter for famed Lowell boxer Micky Ward.

It’s been thought that the Silver Knights would be sold as part of a package with the Spinners but Bawmann said that’s not a guarantee.

"I would think so," he said. "It’s possible the team would be sold separately but I don’t think so. Everyone has said Nashua is important, and that ‘We want to keep that team.’ "

Bawmann indicated sponsors in Lowell with the Spinners have expressed a desire to maintain sponsorship of both clubs.

Concessions prove costly

Bawmann revealed on Monday that, contrary to what he thought two months ago, the Silver Knights did not make money in 2015.

What changed? A review of the team’s concession income, he said, which finished in the red. "It doesn’t look like we’re going to (finish in the black)," he said. "I thought so, up until about two weeks ago."

Bawmann also announced that Litchfield’s Tyler Bonin would not be returning as stadium operations manager. Many of his duties, he said will be taken over by general manager Ron Wallace.