Cavaliers rout Trinity



MANCHESTER – Following a week with a narrow win against Sanborn, the Hollis Brookline Cavaliers were determined coming into Gill Stadium to make their margin of victory as comfortable as possible.

They left Manchester with a 40-14 win over the Pioneers of Trinity under the Saturday night lights in what was almost a perfect game.

Perhaps HB’s only faults were an early interception that led to a 10-yard scoring run for Trinity’s Nick Banfield and difficulties capitalizing on what seemed like their endless procession of two-point conversions.

Hollis Brookline quarterback Joey Delaney connected with sophomore Michael Gillespie 93 seconds into contest, the first of his five passing touchdowns and nearly 300 yards in the air heading into halftime.

Only one of those passing scores went to standout Matt Simco, who faced double coverage. However, for Hollis Brookline head coach Chris Lones, Saturday was just proof that the Cavaliers are not a one-player team.

"We knew we were more than Matt Simco – we knew it all week, we knew it all year. We knew coming in that Matt would be a focal point and two guys were 5 yards off the line of scrimmage on him," he said. "(Saturday) was a testament to the complete offensive unit we have."

Lones was also proud of the Cavaliers’ three forced fumbles, making up for turnover difficulties so far this season.

"We’re notorious for making it difficult on ourselves," he said. "This week we had to be clean."

Trinity’s Dylan O’Sullivan added an extra touchdown in what was otherwise a scoreless second half.

The Cavaliers are now 2-1 and head home for a showdown under the lights Friday against Merrimack Valley.