Zoning Board of Adjustment has unanimously approved Habitat for Humanity request

WILTON – The Zoning Board of Adjustment has unanimously approved several variances requested by Habitat for Humanity to construct a single family home at 19 Pleasant Street. The regular meeting of the board was held on Jan. 8.

Habitat for Humanity was represented by Executive Director Scott Slattery, accompanied by Kevin Anderson of Meridian Land Services.

Five variances were requested, but two of them were called “housekeeping.” Minimum lot size is .5 acre, and this lot has .451 and 129 feet of frontage. These are covered because it is a lot of record, since the 1800s, and do not require variances. The others are concerned with lot configuration, front and side setbacks.

The original house was five feet from the street, Anderson said, and they are requesting six feet. The former house apparently did not have a driveway but the new one will. A short retaining wall will be required.

Chairman Neil Faiman said he had never, in his 30 years on the board, heard a request for relief from section 6.2.2, lot configuration. He said it was intended to prevent developers from making strangely-shaped lots. The neighboring lots have the same problems with shape and steepness.

Faiman said it is an existing non-conforming lot and its topography allows only one place for a house, but it is not out of proportion with neighboring houses and there is very little traffic.

The new house will be stick-built, about 1,000 square feet, with three bedrooms, and a full basement. It will have town water and sewer connections.

A committee will select a Wilton family to receive the house. Construction is expected to begin in the spring.

Habitat for Humanity has been building goodwill in town – this is their second project – and have received donations and sponsors.

The next meeting of the board has been moved to March 19 because of Town Meeting, but application dates remain the same.