Vote Rombeau 
on March 14

As a voter and mother of two raising a family in Bedford, I believe the decisions and choices we make today have the greatest impact on our children’s future. That is why I will be voting for Catherine Rombeau for Town Council on March 14.

Catherine is someone who shows a readiness to stand up for what is best for our community, in its entirety. This is a very important time in Bedford to have someone working for us who is truly invested in the community and someone with an innate understanding of how important it is to protect residential neighborhoods while supporting commercial development to maintain our tax base.

A hard working mother of two, Catherine is the kind of person that can easily establish a personal link with almost anyone and I know Bedford families will be in good hands with someone as sincere, intelligent and perceptive as Catherine.

Please help me in supporting her by casting your vote at Bedford High School on March 14.

Kristen Gerardi