New Hampshire NeuroSpine Institute promotes ImPACT program

The New Hampshire NeuroSpine Institute, which has an office in Bedford, is educating coaches, athletic directors and athletic facilities across the state about its Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing program. The institute is mailing an educational poster to promote the ImPACT baseline neurocognitive testing for young athletes to better detect concussions in the event of contact.

NHNSI is dedicated to concussion prevention and recovery with the ImPACT program. NHNSI’s Dr. Adam Cugalj is a certified ImPACT consultant and will oversee concussion testing, diagnosis and create a custom recovery for teams or individual athletes.

The ImPACT program is a 20-minute neurocognitive test that measures the effects of a sports-related concussion. The baseline testing that takes place at the beginning of a season helps to better detect a concussion in the event of contact. After contact to the head, the athlete will take the same test, and the results are compared.

Request a poster by emailing your name and address to poster@nhneurospine.com or call 637-2300 to make an appointment.