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This past January, I engaged in a round of pleasantly unproductive email with a state rep from Hillsborough. (I also own property in his district.) The subject was passenger rail in New Hampshire, and the bill now winding through the Legislature again that would preclude New Hampshire from ...

N.H.’s community mental health centers: Hidden gems

Cabinet Editorials

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the first in a series of articles provided by Greater Nashua Mental Health in conjunction with Mental Health Awareness Month, May 1-31. ••• If you are not familiar with New Hampshire’s Community Mental Health Centers, then you may have overlooked the hidden ...

End coal in New England

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We are still burning coal in New England for electricity, and we are all paying for it. Ten to 20% of your electric bill goes to fossil fuel subsidies that keep this dirty energy on the grid. These charges are payments to Merrimack Station, not only keeping coal on the grid, but enriching ...