New Hampshire’s health care: A force to be reckoned with

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The news has been plentiful about the healthcare workforce shortage. We hear about this deep-seated problem on the national level as well as here in New Hampshire. According to National Nurses United, there are 4.4 million registered nurses in the United States but only 3 million are currently ...

Here come the dirty tricks

Cabinet Letters

Here come the false/misleading mailers from New Hampshire Republicans attacking local Democrats. They appear in your mailbox about this time. Big headlines with false claims, with ‘facts’ about a candidate’s prior voting record. Because they come out late in the campaign, there’s ...

Vote Blue

Cabinet Letters

This month’s debate between Gov. Chris Sununu and his opponent, Sen. Tom Sherman, was predictable. The governor paraded out all the usual talking points, catch phrases, and evasions. Sen. Sherman stated facts: our property tax rates and energy bills have ballooned on the GOP’s watch. The ...

Recent afflictions

Cabinet Letters

Gov. Chris Sununu seems to have lost all politically redeeming qualities. It has been reported that he suffers from Republicanfibbitis (a tendency to speak untruths). Others suggest it might be FreeStateophilia (a condition caused by too many close encounters of the Libertarian kind). And, ...

We’ve lost our connection

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Everything seems to be connected these days… “smart” phones, computers, satellites, “smart” cars, commercial vehicles, and let’s not forget “smart homes”. We’re so “smart” about our connected gadgets and so disconnected from ourselves, the people, and natural world around ...

Don’t fall for right-wing deceit

Cabinet Letters

Di Lothrop’s response on Oct. 16, 2022, to many letters to the editor, including mine, was sad as she hopelessly flailed away swinging wildly and completely missing, like a little league batter at the plate against a major league pitcher. She doubled down on the lie that Biden is responsible ...