We’ve lost our connection

Everything seems to be connected these days… “smart” phones, computers, satellites, “smart” cars, commercial vehicles, and let’s not forget “smart homes”. We’re so “smart” about our connected gadgets and so disconnected from ourselves, the people, and natural world around us.

I’m not wanting to go back to the Dark Ages, I simply want to relax my shoulders and breathe. Really breathe in fully so that I feel refreshed and invigorated. The inner peace and contentment I seek show up for me most when I am disconnected from the commercialized digital world and connected with friends, family, and Nature.

When I intentionally (it does take a determined intention!) make time and take the time to connect with what truly does refresh me, I am filled with more patience, more understanding, more energy, more clarity, and more compassion for all that is happening for me and for those around me – both human and natural. I feel more connected to my community of people and ecosystems.

Local power comes from this connection with one another. We are social creatures and we hold much power and resource when we unite on common ground and allow our differences to stir curiosity instead of judgment. The NH Community Rights Network (NHCRN) desires to unite around that which you envision for your community. Learn more at www.nhcommunityrights.org or email us at info@nhcommunityrights.org.

United we stand, divided we fall!