It’s about the economy

During Bill Clinton’s first run for president in 1991, the overriding campaign concern during the 1991 Presidential campaign was an economic recession and the decreased emphasis on foreign policy in a post-Cold War political climate.

The slogan coined by James Carville, a strategist for Clinton, during the 1992 Presidential campaign, was “It’s the economy, stupid!” Clinton’s campaign advantageously used the then-prevailing economic recession and this catchy slogan as one of the campaign’s means to successfully unseat George H. W. Bush.

History does repeat itself! Much like 1992, today’s economy is spiraling toward a recession! While there are those focusing on the many social issues during this mid-term election, the overriding concern on the minds of a majority (82%) of Americans is their pocketbook, and what’s called “Kitchen-Table Issues”…. Things like the basics, things that the everyday family needs to survive: groceries by which to feed and survive, fuel by which to heat the house, and keep warm, air conditioning costs for those in the southern tier of States, electricity costs, gas for the auto so the family can go to work/travel to school/ go shopping/vacation trips, savings growth for seniors, interest rates in order to borrow money, etc.

The overall Consumer Price Index (CPI) is up 8.2% from the days of the previous Administration when the CPI was a mere 1.2%. Inflation has caused this dramatic rise due to cost of producing all kinds of goods. Oil is the major ingredient used to produce all the things we humans need in our modern society, and the things we use, from bread to balogna, from pasta to plastics, from meat processing to vegetable farming, from the production of cereal to the production of beer, from the bottling and transporting of milk to the making of money! Energy makes everything we need, and use, in our modern society!

There is a surge of 28% in the cost of home heating bills across the country this winter. Those living in the Northeast (states like New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and points west like Ohio, etc) will be experiencing these much higher energy costs in order to keep warm.

Food product prices are up across the board according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and responses from the average shopper…eggs (prices nearly doubled over the past year to $2.94 a dozen, while a pound of coffee has shot up $1.50, chicken breasts cost an additional $1.00 per pound, and, for dessert, a half-gallon of ice cream climbed 75 cents). Cereals and bakery products are up 15% from last year, while dairy is up 14.9% from a year ago. Fruits and vegetable prices are up 9.3%.

Information Resources Inc. found the biggest jumps in food prices from last year were in every day goods such as:

ice cream, sports drinks, crackers and breakfast meats all skyrocketing over 50% from July, 2021 to July, 2022. Per centage increases of the following products (eggs, up 48%, citrus fruit, up 26.7%, butter & margarine, up 26.3%, lunch meats, up 23.6%, and bread, up 15.4%).

While the federal government plans to increase Social Security COLA’s, ie cost of living adjustments, (reportedly in the area of 8%) in January to seniors, this falls far short of the drastic declines of 30% in investment portfolios of many diligent seniors who saved for retirement.

Bill Clinton was re-elected to a second term because he got the message…“it’s the economy, stupid!” when he honestly expressed his feelings to the American people, “I feel your pain!”

Joe Biden, earnestly, still does not feel the pain of the average American citizen, and continues to cater to demands of the Radicals of the Far Left Socialist Wing of the Democrat Party, individuals like Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, AOC and The Squad, and more. Their policy of Socialist “wealth distribution” transferring money and value from the middle class to illegal arrivals is revamping our current American society, and burying us under $31 Trillion in staggering national debt.

An “across-the-board-philosophical-reversal-of-governmental-thought-and-policy” is needed on the federal level to correct these problems, I believe, and it begins at the ballot box on Tuesday, November 8th with the election of “new thinkers.”

We need to kick out those who have been giving us years of continuous “lip service” and “double-talk” in order to sustain their current standings within the Democrat Party, and cozying up to their Left-leaning, Socialist Party Leaders.

Tuesday, Nov. 8 is a “wake up call” for America! I urge all patriotic Americans to answer this historic call, and return to our Constitutional republic way of life.