Don’t fall for right-wing deceit

Di Lothrop’s response on Oct. 16, 2022, to many letters to the editor, including mine, was sad as she hopelessly flailed away swinging wildly and completely missing, like a little league batter at the plate against a major league pitcher. She doubled down on the lie that Biden is responsible for inflation using her enormous ability at selective hearing. She is apparently unaware that inflation is a worldwide problem affecting other countries in which President Biden has no control, yet she adamantly blames Biden using upper case letters to try to make her point, falsely believing that the use of capital letters is somehow magic and adds veracity. Those who know better, understand that inflation will subside once the supply chain disruptions have completely ended, which is why President Biden helped negotiate and avoid a national railroad strike, and Democrats in Congress passed legislation increasing computer chip manufacturing here in the US. Here’s the thing Di, the rest of the world does not subscribe to the cult of right-wing propaganda from which you get your information.

Di also doubled down on her insensitivity toward woman, saying again that women will still be able to kill their unborn babies because there will always be abortion available somewhere else, of course again, this is her selective hearing at work because she ignores that in places where abortion is banned, only rich women have the ability to gain access to safe abortions and reproductive healthcare out of state or out of country. The expression, “unborn child” is an oxymoron used by propagandists to solicit an emotional response from the audience, and to use accusatory and shaming rhetoric to describe women seeking abortion, no matter what their reason for doing so, is starkly revealing of the insensitively and indifference that Republican politicians and operatives have toward women and women’s reproductive healthcare needs.

Speaking of doubling down, I am doubling down too, don’t fall for right-wing deceit and propaganda, on Nov. 8, 2022, vote Democratic up and down the ballot.