That’s not them anymore

There are many reasonable people who are reasonably good and reasonably well mannered and who have grown used to being called Democrats, have grown comfortable with the brand, with the sense of identity it had as a kind, caring group of people looking out for the well being of the everyman, of the downtrodden, of the oppressed, and who fought against the corporate empires of Neoconservative warmongers.

But the days of Bushes and Cheneys and their gimped out minions dragging an unwilling nation to war on false pretenses are long gone, and have been replaced by smiling toothy Democrats who act nice and talk nice and smell nice while ordering their supple, servile co-signatories of Satan in legacy media, in social media, and in the FBI/CIA/NSA and ATF to shut you up and shut you down, to silence you and throttle you and your message if you don’t talk the talk and reee the creed. They are not your buddy, your fellow or your friend. They want what all those who are too long in power want – MORE.

You may hate Republicans for what they are, or more likely for what they were or for what somebody somewhere said they were while wearing a tie and a pressed suit, but that’s not them anymore so far as I can tell. Now they want what we all want, what we’ve all always wanted: to be free. Free of tyranny and wickedness, to be free to speak and to say our peace to the world, to the country, and to ourselves, free to be men and be women, and to defend our homes and our country and that which we hold most dear. We are not compliant human foot stools who flinch and cast down our eyes when someone from upon high calls our name. No. We are Americans who say, No! Goddammit, NO!

We will not be commanded or coerced. We will not be bought or bribed or brutalized. We will not be intimidated. We will not be lured with siren’s songs of false promises and fantastic tales about free money for everyone. We have the right to choose, and I say we choose to vote out these ruling powers who satirically call themselves Democrats and forcefully repudiate their forceful rule. We did it to a king. And we can do it to those who would be kings. Because if we are to live, we must live to tread on kings.