Manchester’s Art 3 presents ‘2D3D’ exhibit

Manchester’s Art 3 will celebrate art, two-dimensional and three-dimensional, with its exhibit “2D3D.” As part of Open Doors Manchester, the gallery will host an artists’ receoption from 5-8 p.m. July 26.

“Essentially, the ‘2D’ is represented by fine art, while the ‘3D’ aspect is shown through sculptures, wall hangings of textile and metal, ceramics, glass, and stone,” said Art 3 gallery manager Jay Goodwin.

Adding to the flavor of the evening is the popular Open Doors Manchester.

“There’s a trolley tour that happens three times a year,” Goodwin said. “In April, July and November, there are 10 venues open in the evening. We are not usually open in the evening, so it gives us an opportunity to open our doors and get some patrons in.”

As Goodwin explained, the Open Doors event not only attracts lovers of fine art but helps collectors think outside the box with regard to textures other than oil or pastels.

“We represent well over 100 artists,” Goodwin said. “And usually when people come in here, they expect to see fine art on the walls. And that would be oils, pastels, watercolors, that kind of thing.

“For this show especially, we have glass pieces, metal, wood, just a variety of sculptural – both free-standing and wall – pieces. We just are trying to introduce the idea of looking at your walls in a different way, whether that be residential or commercial.”

Corporate clients of Art 3 include Microsoft, Catholic Medical Center and Plymouth State College.

The “2D3D” exhibit also will present several artists whose work involves pottery and ceramics, which is interspersed with the fine art.

“We typically do theme-based shows,” Goodwin said. “The majority of galleries do one or two artists. For our artists, we give them a theme, and they go with it. As this exhibit happens to be ‘2D3D,’ you may see an oil painting next to a metal sculpture that’s hanging on the wall. And while we do have a lot of sculptures usually, we want to step up a few more sculptural pieces for this exhibit than we usually have.”

Other mediums include three-dimensional pieces that use mesh and wax.

“They really do have a lot of depth to them,” Goodwin said. “Some pieces made of fiber look like they’re layered. It’s just kind of fun to introduce this exhibit to our regular patrons, as well as the Manchester area.”

Art 3 is located at 44 W. Brook St., Manchester, and is open from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Friday and weekends by appointment. The Open Doors Manchester trolley will run from 5-8 p.m. Thursday, July 26. Attendees are encouraged to bring nonperishable food items for a food drive, with restaurant gift card door prizes provided at participating venues. For more information on Art 3, call 668-6650.