ARL to host kitten shower

The Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire will host its annual Kitten Shower from noon-4:30 p.m. Saturday, June 28, at the ARL with special guest Animal Allies of Manchester.

This event is a chance to meet adoptable kittens and find homes for many of these furry felines.

“Last year, 18 kittens were adopted,” said Danielle Snyder, director of adoptions at the ARL. “This year, we invited Animal Allies of Manchester, so we could potentially have many more kittens up for adoption.”

Those attending are asked to bring a “shower gift.” Examples of shower gifts are KMR (meal replacement for kittens), canned cat food, kitty litter, chicken/turkey baby food, cat toys, nail clippers and cleaning supplies, especially rubber gloves.

Snyder also advised those with intentions to adopt to be aware that the Animal Allies adoption procedures are slightly different than the ARL. “If you want to bring your furry friend home that day, bring documentation for a vet and landlord check,” Snyder said.

Email Snyder at danielle2@rescueleague.org for more information.