Library is right ‘On Target’ with new exhibit

If you’ve been to the Bedford Public library recently, you may have noticed the Women’s Caucus for Art, New Hampshire Chapter’s exhibition “On Target,” which is on display in the gallery on the bottom floor.

From Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night” to wind chimes, New Hampshire artists turned shooting targets into art.

“We have a regular board and an exhibition committee, and that committee is very creative and prolific. They come up with the ideas for the shows,” said WCANH President Suzanne Whittaker. “Women’s Caucus For Art, New Hampshire Chapter, puts on about six art exhibitions each year. We like Bedford because it has a lot of foot traffic and it has a beautiful gallery.”

Women’s Caucus for Art is a national organization for artists, art historians, students, educators and museum professionals that creates community through art, education and social activism. The New Hampshire chapter promotes the advancement of women in the visual arts through professional networking, educational programs and exhibition opportunities.

“We give artists an opportunity to practice the skill sets of the art business,” Whittaker said. “We are training artists in New Hampshire to do this work that a fine artist needs to do to get their work into venues such as shops, galleries, museums and schools.”

One piece of art on display at the Bedford Public Library is “Starry Night” by Aline Lotter. Lotter used targets to create the night sky, a homage to Vincent van Gogh’s masterpiece “Starry Night.”

“Exhibiting is the principal activity the WCANH has helped me with,” Lotter said. “I’ve observed the exhibits and admired them for it, but haven’t put together an exhibit myself.”

Lotter is a lawyer by day and an artist during her free time. She majored in government in college but decided to become an artist after one of her relatives enrolled at the New Hampshire Institute of Art.

“I encouraged her to pursue the arts, and that inspired me to become an artist,” Lotter said. “I started taking classes at the NHIA.”

Through WCANH, Lotter has learned about the ins and outs of the art business; however, she does send some of her work to galleries on her own.

“Usually, I’ll submit paintings for an exhibit on my own. Sometimes it gets in, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s always the ones I don’t think would get in to the gallery that do,” Lotter laughed.

This is the second exhibition at the Bedford Public Library for WCANH. “On Target” will be on display through July 31.

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