BCTV schedule for upcoming week set

The Live Meetings on BCTV Channel 22 this week are a Planning Board Meeting on Monday, July 17, a Zoning Board of Adjustment Meeting on Tuesday, July 18, and a Town Council Meeting on Wednesday, July 19.

All archived meetings can be viewed on demand by visiting www.bedfordtv.com. Also, visit our website to view the live stream of all three BCTV Channels – 16, 22 and 23.

Be sure to check out the variety of programming airing on channels 16 and 23. You will find talk shows, local town events, political programs, outdoor recreation, cooking shows, music shows, lectures, history programs and much more on channel 16. On channel 23 you can watch sporting events and educational programs. Don’t forget if you missed a program or a live meeting you can watch it on demand by visiting www.bedfordtv.com. You can also find programs and broadcast times for all three BCTV Channels (16, 22 and 23) by visiting our website or by calling the station at 603-472-8288.

Also, DVD copies of the 2017 Bedford High School Graduation along with previous year graduations can be ordered by emailing BCTV at bctv@bedfordtv.com. DVD copies cost $20 each.

– Submitted by BCTV